Which should you use: Traditional Keyboard or Mechanical Keyboard?

There are major two types of keyboards that you can opt for: there is the traditional ordinary PC keyboard and there is the mechanical one. You can connect any of these types of keyboards to your computer for typing as well as sending other instructions and commands to the computer.

The major difference when it comes to typing between the traditional keyboard and the mechanical keyboard is that the mechanical keyboard is designed such that it makes a click sound for each key that you press. This article will discuss when you should opt for the traditional keyboard as well as when you should opt for a mechanical keyboard.

When you should opt for a traditional keyboard

If your priority in a keyboard is any of the following discussed below, then you should opt for a traditional keyboard.

When you want to work quietly

When you want to work quietly, a traditional keyboard might be best for you. You might not like the idea of your keyboard making clicking sounds when you are working. If you are working in a public place or an office with many people using mechanical keyboards at the same time, the sound could be a distraction to you and other people. Many people are also not too conversant with the mechanical keyboard as the traditional keyboard is more common. The implication is that a potential client could think the clicking noise from your keyboard is because it is faulty or of low quality and judge your organization based on that. You might end up losing clients just for your preference of the keyboard. If you want to buy a traditional keyboard, mechanical keyboard or other computer accessories, you can read about Tinkleo and other companies that sell computer accessories on Collected Reviews to know the right brand to buy as well as where to buy them.

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When you are on a budget

If you are on a budget, you might want to opt for the traditional keyboard as they are more affordable than the mechanical keyboard. The traditional keyboard is also lighter than the mechanical ones. Hence, it is easier to move them around.

When you should opt for a mechanical keyboard

You can opt for a mechanical keyboard if the following are your priority.


If you are a gamer, you are likely to prefer the mechanical keyboard to the traditional keyboard. This is considering that sound has always been a very important part of gaming. This is why every video game come with a soundtrack and sounds for different action. The sounds make the game-playing experience more interesting. When you can a mechanical keyboard, the click that the keyboard makes whenever you press the keys while playing the game could make you enjoy the game better.


The mechanical keyboard is more durable than the traditional keyboard. This is because they are made from stronger materials and hence, can endure much more keystrokes than the traditional keyboard. Hence, if you want to buy a keyboard that you will be able to use for as long as possible, you should consider opting for a mechanical keyboard.

Ease of use

Mechanical keyboards are easier and faster to type on. You get a more precise and comfortable feel when you are using the mechanical compared to when you are using the traditional keyboard.

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