Charles Batte

Serial Social Entrepreneur.
Winner of the World Merit, Your Big Year

Hadhia Galeb

Fashion Influencer and Entrepreneur.
Founder and CEO of Ghaleb Production House.

Alexandru Budisteanu

Computer Science prodigy and CEO of BIT TECHNOLOGIES.
One of the world’s most influential teens by TIME Magazine.

Lucía Sánchez

CEO of Unicorn Gamer.
Spain’s Youngest CEO.

Maxim Gouachan

Serial Entrepreneur.
Founder & CEO of ClickLift.
CEO of HappilyEverAfter.

Moziah Bridges

Founder & CEO of Mo’sBows.
TIMES Most Influential Teens 2015.

Noor Siddiqui

Co-founder of Remedy and Thiel Fellow.
Stanford and Singularity University lecturer.

Samantha Márquez

Motivational & Keynote speaker.
Researcher in Neuroscience.
Founder & President of Raising Science to the Girl Power Initiative

Sana Afouaiz

Social entrepreneur & Motivational speaker.
Founder of Womenpreneur.

Vital Sounouvou

African Entrepreneur.
Founder and CEO of Exportunity.

Yong Lin

Photographer & digital artist

Prince Wasim

Example of overcoming and the owner of a successful milshake business


Part of the essence of UNLEASH is the incredible atmosphere created by all the young artists that come to UNLEASH to celebrate young talent in all its beauty and diversity. Following our desire of making everyone part of this amazing experience in a more engaging and participative way, we have decided that for this edition, the audience, would now also be part of the show.





Alex Escribano

Raymon Martínez

Marina Damer

Roger Riera


Iñigo Arroyo

Samuel Martí

Olmo Blanco


The Festival will be the equivalent of a networking area designed to foster interaction and the sharing of thoughts and impressions between attendees. This area, unlike any other networking place you’ve ever been to, has been especially re-imagined to fit UNLEASH’s spirit and purpose. It will be full of live entertainment, an energetic yet cool atmosphere that will inspire you to explore, discover and participate in the coolest activities as a great family!





We are tired of hearing that we youths only have ideas which we never accomplish. That we talk too much and then do too little, or nothing at all. In Pangea, we know that nowadays many young individuals are behindnumerous advances which help shape progress. We want to broadcast these disruptive and youthful initiatives and we want to knit a web between them and the world’s main challenges. So…

Do you have project with an enormous potential for impact? Don’t hide it!


We have created this space within Unleash for YOU to become an inspirational model for over 700 youths and executives. You’ll have the opportunity to present your own youth-led and disruptive initiative.


When applying to attend Unleash 2017, you will notice that at the end of the application process there is a space to present your startup, project or initiative. Well, once the deadline for applications is over we will check all the projects submitted and select the ones that will be attending Unleash as Xallengers.


The Bucket List Challenge has 17 tasks that every guest must complete to live the experience to the fullest.
Each of the tasks set will be based on the three new characteristics that define UNLEASH: exploring, engaging and challenging.
Meet other passionate young people around you, connect with top companies, discover disruptive young initiatives and get to know our inspiring speakers.
A winner will be selected among those who will have finished the list and will receive a life-turning prize.
Most of all, have fun along the way!