Unleash is an unconventional 3-day lasting event held every year in Madrid, Spain. Intended to celebrate young potential in all its forms.

Far from any traditional conference, Unleash is an alternative experience made by the youth for the youth where knowledge, enjoyment and excitement converge in one unique event. It has been conceived in the form of a non-stop show where inspiring talks from some of the world’s most influential young individuals below 26 years old will mix with incredible performances to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Unleash gathers every year hundreds of internationally selected young attendees that come together to realize all that this generation is capable of accomplishing, and ultimately unleash their own potential to become the best possible version of themselves.


UNLEASH 2017 won’t be like anything you’ve seen before. This year we’ve decided to go beyond and reach further for more and better.

In this edition, we’ve decided to turn the audience into the main character of the show while finding ways of maximizing the experience of each and every attendee along the way. To do this, we have set ourselves the goal of making UNLEASH an exploring, engaging and challenging event.


As an attendee, you will be constantly learning at UNLEASH, exploring and discovering not only the most exciting things that are happening outside but also ultimately becoming conscious of your own potential in surprising and unexpected ways.


You will have a main role in UNLEASH 2017. In fact, this year we want the attendees to participate with us in defining the event. Accordingly, your UNLEASH experience will start quite a while before you attend the event. You will be able to vote the topics, performances, type of food that will be served and the networking activities that you want to be part of the experience. Definitely, an event made youths for youths.


With UNLEASH comes a great set of opportunities that attendees must take advantage of. To be sure you don’t miss out on any of them, we will challenge you to live the experience to the fullest! We want the talent of our generation to be seen, heard and to impact beyond way beyond our borders.



Unleash will start by casting a light on the international guest speakers, some of the most exceptional young personalities of this generation who have accomplished great things while still being under 26 years old. They will share their sensational stories and experiences to prove that age is no limitation.

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A uniquely designed series of shows performed by young artists will maximize the motivational experience at Unleash. A great story of how talent is expressed in its various forms through spectacular moments of pure fun and entertainment.

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The Festival! It will be full of live entertainment, a vibrant, yet cool networking space that will offer the attendees the opportunity to explore, discover and participate in the coolest activities as one great family. A modern, digital, and technologic space tailored to the Digital Natives’ way of having fun.

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20th – 22nd SEPTEMBER